The insurance broker company Wokatsch-Felber e.U. was founded in 2008 as a sole proprietorship. After 20 years of experience in the insurance sector as executive employees, the main motivation was based on living our values in our own entrepreneurial activities.


From the beginning the company has been a member of the “Austrian Insurance Broker Ring” (ÖVM).


From the very first our philosophy to work honestly, authentically and purposefully never changed. It is only this that has made it possible to establish, for decades now, a strong relationship to customers as well as to our employees. In addition we attach great importance to sustainability to set an example for future generations.


In 2011 the company joined “IGV Austria”, an association of more than 130 insurance brokers, in order to better serve customers with the best products.


In August 2012 we moved from our small office to a larger business premises, which includes a large car park for clients and staff.


In September 2012 the legal structure of the company changed to a private limited liability company (Inc.), but any shares are private. This leads us to our greatest strength, our independence and objectivity. Any kind of influences from insurance companies,… are strictly rejected.


Since 2017 a member of EURIBRON: European Broker Network.  This provides our company a worldwide client service. The cooperation already exists since our company foundation. Since 2017 we are the official parnter for Austria. This means, we are serving the austrian business for foreign insurance brokers.  Conversely we can support our business customers in their expansion policy in all insurance matters.


The company has been since its foundation, in a permanent period of growth, and currently has 14 employees.


The insurance broker is legally required to select the best possible insurer with the best possible product for the customer on the basis of purely objective criteria. (“BEST ADVICE”)


We fully live this maxim.